The Most Popular Cafes in North America

Everyone Loves the Cafe


There is something about the cafe. Whether it’s to purchase a premium coffee made with the top quality roasted beans, or a quick stop off for lunch, nearly everybody uses the cafe at some point. Naturally, some are far betters than others, and the best generally serve as a town or city’s social hub. It’s where things happen and where you want to be seen. Here are the most popular cafes in North America. They typically produce the best coffee, have a decent overall menu and have a quality vibe – all of the essentials for a top cafe.

The Best Cafes


When in New York, a diversion to Cafe Grumpy is on many people’s agenda. There are currently six Cafe Grumpy’s in the city and the chain prides itself on great coffee – sourcing the beans themselves from around the world – and to keep things social, all but one of their locations are without Wi-Fi. While this may not appeal to everyone, it has done nothing to hinder Cafe Grumpy’s reputation and, if anything, it has enhanced it. After all, you don’t go to a cafe to be stuck to your phone, you go for the coffee, the conversation and the atmosphere. This cafe has that concept down to a tee.

If you ever happen to be travelling through Kansas, stopping off in Topeka and heading to PT’s at College Hill may be worthwhile. In 2009, they won the Roaster of the Year award from Roast Magazine, and their specialities don’t finish with the coffee beans. Their wide-ranging food and drink menu makes them a popular destination for those intending on a short, or long stay, and they also boast a selection of craft beer from microbreweries. There looks to be much to offer at PT’s, and that has been recognized by their awards.

The Milstead & Co. cafe in Seattle is also another favourite for coffee lovers. Why? Because of the diverse range of coffee available here, due to the multiple roasters in the shop. Milstead & Co. boasts over 30 different coffees, meaning there is something for everyone and that no two visits have to be the same. This funky venue is situated right by the George Washington Memorial Bridge, and has that old-fashioned coffee shop vibe that keeps luring customers back. And, when it comes to awesome cafes, another trip to New York couldn’t be avoided. The Everyman Espresso is arguably the best of the bunch and is totally unique to its rivals. Renowned for its quality and tip-top service,

Everyman Espresso is one of the world leaders in premium coffee. These guys take coffee seriously, and so do their visitors. Those who come here aren’t looking for a cheap caffeine fix, they are the coffee connoisseurs after something with that extra edge. Located in Soho in the heart of the Big Apple, a visit to NYC isn’t quite complete without a stop-off in here.

Who’s for a coffee?


So much great coffee, so many places to get it. If you happen to find yourself in any of these areas with a spare hour or so, heading in for a coffee and a bite to eat may just be the highlight of your time there. That’s if the word of the locals is anything to go by.



For my small cafe and restaurant, I needed a website that would serve a few functions. Displaying menus online was the most critical part of my decision to go with a website. So often people call in, curious about the cafe and wondering if they should stop in for a bite. But they want to see a menu first, of course, and with such a busy cafe, I don’t have time to sit and tell them everything that’s on the menu.

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