15 Ways to Please Your Customers

Customer satisfaction

How to please your customer


In businesses there are phases like “Customer is your boss” or “the customer is always right”. There are common phrases in many business enterprises all focus on praising or motivating the customer, and most important wooing the the customer towards the company or certain products. There is some truth in them since without that customer you would cease operational. However these phares may only attract a potential customer to buy a certain product or procure a service but there should also be other small simple way to please to make the customer satisfied of the product or service ther buy.

These small deeds to please the customer are are what keeps them coming. How do we keep our customers satisfied and delighted?

Here are the 15 ways to please your customers.


  1. Do the unexpected; reward your customers with gifts. In this, you create confidence and trust to the customer. You can do home delivery to your customers. In so doing you enhance your marketing strategies that would yield profit.
  1. Free training and updating; you can go an extra mile by offering free training to your customers depending to the nature of your business. For example in a restaurant, you can offer a free training in making a cocktail juice.
  1. Personality and Character: how do you address the customers? Do you interact with them? Keep a vibrant personality that is catchy and warm welcoming. Let the customers feel owned due to your personality.
  1. Cleanliness: everyone keen is on cleanliness. Ensure you are well organized and clean from your thoughts to the outside appearance. The picture remains very clear and would find customer flocking.
  1. Customer profile: Does your staff know me? Understand your customers’ interests and work accord. In that, you can reduce the customer in waiting and extend more services to other customers.
  1. Customer review: our peer helps to weigh our customer satisfaction. Accept the peers to access testimonial to build confidence and trust for new customers who would wish to trade with you.
  1. Knowledge: understand you market and industry. You can give information your products and services willingly and openly. Customers widely gain confidence from what you inform them. Remember knowledge is power.
  1. Price: it is common value metric but bet it is should not be the major. Some customers can trade at higher prices with combination of the above factors. Exceed the customers’ expectations with alternative value.
  1. Keep in touch with you customers: you can achieve this by send regularly newsletters on weekly or monthly basis. Give your customers different tips that would improve their businesses as well as your industry. Expose your customers to your websites with special products or off-sales services.
  1. Put customers first: put customer’s interest, ideas to maintain a cordial relationship. When a customer realizes that you have his/ her interests at heart tends to keep the mutual business relationship promoting your business.
  1. Thank you note: let us not take for granted when our customer come to consumer our products or services. Sending a thank you card or note helps to show gratitude for believing that we can offer quality service and products.
  1. Community: does the community have regards on your business? Do you give back to the society?
  1. Offer the best service: does customer get quality service worth the price? What is the attitude?
  1. Fast delivery. Avoid the customer waiting. Try to have a quick service but ensure quality and standard,
  1. Trust: Allow the customers to believe in you from your simplicity and wide selection. Customers can feel free to access your business with ease.

Business is dependent on customers



In conclusion. It is thereby fair to say that in all forms of businesses, a customer is the ultimate. This is clearly so, since without the customer there will not be any business transaction. So the customer is key, therefore all business polite strategies should be directed toward customer satisfaction. The thing you do to please the customer are in one way or another gear towards retaining customers and allowing a continuous customer focus.

Be quick to listen and act on the customer feedback with improved satisfaction.



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